CPR AED and FIRST AID Certification Course

Class cost: $105 per individual

The ECSI CPR AED FIRST AID course provides clear, concise direction on how to perform the skills listed below. You will gather knowledge of CPR AED and First Aid for victims of all ages and sizes.

The course focus is on the ability to recognize, respond to, and treat emergencies such as sudden cardiac arrest, heart attack, stroke, injuries, allergic reactions, etc. You will learn basic first aid skills that prevent and minimize injury, provide comfort and maximize care that can help save a life.

Topics covered are:

CPR/AED (Adult/Child/Infant)

  • Proper Placement for high quality compressions
  • Appropriate speed and depth
  • Instructions and preparation for activating
    the Emergency response system (911)
  • Safety and proper use of an AED

Choking (Adult/Child/Infant)

  • Proper Placement and technique
  • Legal aspects “The Good Samaritan Law” 
  • Alleviation for Self-Choking
  • Mild vs. Severe choking

Injury Emergencies

  • Bleeding Control
  • Wound Care
  • Blisters and burns
  • Nose/Tooth + Eye/Ear Injuries
  • Impaled/Embedded Object
  • Amputations and Avulsions
  • Head and Spinal Injuries
  • Chest & abdominal Injuries
  • Bone, Joint, and Muscle Injuries

Environmental Emergencies

  • Animal Bites (Snake/Reptile)
  • Arthropod Bites and Stings (spiders)
  • Marine Animal Injuries
  • Heat/Cold-Related Emergencies
  • Poisoning (household chemicals)
  • Poison Ivy, Poison Oak, and
    Poison Sumac Reactions

Medical Illnesses

  • Asthma
  • Severe Allergic Reactions
  • Heart Attack & Stroke
  • Fainting/ Seizures/Shock
  • Diabetic Emergencies
  • Simple Pregnancy Complications

Course length is an average of 4 hours depending on class size. The student will receive a pocket-size CPR First Aid manual. Upon successful completion of the course training, you will receive an ECSI certification e-card.

Please wear comfortable clothing. You will be practicing skills that require, bending, standing, kneeling, and possibly lifting.

If you are registering for more than one person, please call Motherhood Center for assistance with registration.

Infant, Child and Adult CPR — Friends and Family Non-Certification Option

Class cost: $75 per individual
or $120 per couple

Private Class: $350 per individual
or couple

Now that you have your beautiful newborn, or are expecting, you and your family may want to learn infant CPR for safety reasons. This course is recommended for anyone who will be caring for infants or children and focuses on how to prevent and handle the common childhood emergency of choking, and when to call 911 for assistance. All of our babysitters and nannies are CPR certified. There is new science in the 2015 The American Heart Association’s American Heart Association Guidelines for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and Emergency Cardiovascular Care and the Family & Friends CPR Course has been updated to reflect that. This classroom course teaches adult Hands-Only™ CPR, adult AED use, child CPR and AED use, and infant CPR. It also teaches you and your partner or family how to relieve choking in an adult, child or infant. The infant CPR class skills are taught using the AHA’s research-proven Practice-While-Watching technique, which allows participants to practice skills while watching consistent, accurate modeling of skills performance on the course video. Adult, child and infant skills are presented in three separate modules for added flexibility.

Family & Friends CPR is for people who want to learn CPR but do not need a course completion card in CPR for their job. This course is ideal for expecting and new parents, grandparents, caregivers, older siblings (at least 12 years of age), and others interested in learning how to save a life. If you need childcare during this class, please look into our babysitting service. If you are registering for more than one person, please call Motherhood Center for assistance with registration.