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The Prepared Childbirth class focuses on stages of labor, breathing, relaxation, and delivery techniques to help reduce fears about labor which can result in decreased tension and pain. This class will empower and prepare the expectant mom and her partner with everything she needs before going to the hospital. Our instructor utilizes visual aids, discussion, and practice, practice, practice!

Class Topics:

  • The basics from the end of pregnancy through labor and delivery, as well as postpartum
  • Comfort strategies and labor positions
  • Breathing and relaxation techniques
  • Relaxation massage, massage counter pressure, and vocalization
  • Developing a birth plan and discussing it with your care provider
  • Medical interventions – epidurals, C-sections
  • After-delivery care of the mom

Sandra Arceneaux, LVN, LCCE
Dena Rogge, LCCE
Christen D. Sadler, MSN, CNM, CNE, LCCE, FACCE

Duration: 5 Hours
Type: In person or live stream or private
$ 250.00 per couple (In person – group)
$ 200.00 per couple (Live stream – group)
$ 550.00 per couple (In person or live stream – private)

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