Did you just find out you’re pregnant?  Are you planning on conceiving soon?  Learn what you can do right now to get your pregnancy and baby off to a healthy start.  Our Pregnancy 101 class will help you understand pregnancy hormones, how to cope with pregnancy anxiety and stress, and the importance of prenatal nutrition and fitness.  You will see how your body and baby will change throughout the three trimesters of pregnancy, as well as warning signs and when to call your doctor.  We will also discuss options for choosing your provider and place of birth, along with how to communicate your birth preferences to your provider.  You’ll find guidance to find quality education classes such as childbirth, breastfeeding, and newborn care. Are you interested in having professional birth support?  We’ll explain that process as well.  You will come away with a detailed timeline that will prevent you from feeling anxious and overwhelmed by all the planning that goes into pregnancy and birth

Upcoming Classes

Our classes are now being offered in-person and online. Link to stream will be sent 3 hours before class starts. All class times are in CST.

Session will cover information about nutrition/healthy habits, how to prepare mentally, emotionally, physically for these exciting months ahead as well as 20min Q&A.

Special Live Stream Pricing • $50