motherhood center is proud
to present the best nanny
school in houston.

Nannies attending our school will walk away with the skills and confidence it takes to be a professional career nanny. We want all of our nannies to be polished and exceptional caretakers for children of some of the most prominent and respected families in the city.

Are you a nurturer looking to add to your repertoire of childcare skills? Are you looking to transition from a childcare provider to a professional nanny? If so, the Nanny School at Motherhood Center is the best place to receive your education and learn the skills you’ll need to reach the top of the nanny career ladder.

what is the nanny school?

We offer a different approach at the Motherhood Center Nanny School and believe professional caregivers should have a nurturing environment in which they can better their skills and build their childcare confidence.

The educational choices available to a nanny today are varied, but never comprehensive. Training is available, but classes are often limited in scope and almost never provide a hands-on, in-classroom, learning experience. Nannies must select the classes they think are most beneficial for them without knowing how informative and beneficial the course is.

Our comprehensive curriculum has been carefully selected, curated, and coordinated based on more than 18 years of Motherhood Center’s experience working with clients and caretakers alike. Carefully considering the needs of families as well as the comprehensive skills required of a professional nanny, the Motherhood Center Nanny School will leave you excited and confident in your ability to provide the best support to families.

The Nanny School is for the inexperienced nanny as well as the experienced, career nanny who is great at her trade, but never received formal child development training, or the professional training needed to navigate the delicate balance between families lives and their own personal life.

why should you attend motherhood center nanny school?

Forget chasing down classes and figuring out which ones you need. At the Motherhood Center Nanny School, we offer a comprehensive, hands-on course in one specially designed classroom.

Childcare related classes are usually scattered and very specific in scope, meaning that nanniestypically must sign up for classes in multiple locations and from several sources to get comprehensive training. Nowhere else is it possible to attend a one-stop, thorough, hands-on program that specializes in child development, safety, etiquette, professionalism, nutrition/feeding, sleeping problems and much more.

Not only can the program be utilized to start a career as a professional nanny, it can also be used as continuing education for nannies who have a lot of experience and have been in the business of childcare for many years. Child development is an ever-evolving field with new challenges such as how the role of digital devices affects children and their overall development.

what our
nanny school
grads are

Attending the Nanny School at Motherhood Center was one of the best decisions I have made for my career as a nanny. I have worked in childcare centers and as a nanny in a private home setting but still learned so much from the course, including proper interview questions to ask a family and how to properly care for a baby. I left the center feeling empowered and confident in my abilities as a nanny.
Sarah S.
When I began my career as a nanny I did not realize the amount of professionalism it would take to excel in the field. I have been in situations with families that I was not sure of how to handle regarding traveling or attending events with the family. The Nanny School gave me knowledge on the conversation I should have had before leaving for the trip and how to present myself at events. I now know how to have those difficult conversations with ease which has not only benefitted me but also the family I now work for.
Nan V.

our unique approach

The curriculum for the Nanny School Program has been carefully selected and coordinated based on more than 18 years of Motherhood Center’s experience working with clients and caretakers alike.

We have carefully considered the needs of families as well as the skills and confidence required of a professional nanny here. Taking care of the whole child, nurturing the child’s emotional, social, cognitive, and physical development in a safe environment are essential to components of childcare, and are all part of our Nanny School curriculum.

our nanny school is designed for your convenience

We offer classes on weekends to accommodate your busy schedule.

Classes are held on site at the Motherhood Center in our classroom specially dedicated to our top-notch Nanny School.

After passing the final test, Nanny School grads receive a certificate of completion.

our curriculum (2-day program)

  • The Role of a Professional Nanny
  • Employers’ Expectations
  • Child Safety and Accident Prevention
  • Healthy Nanny/Child/Family Relationship
  • A Nanny’s Manners Do Matter
  • Communication Skills
  • Health and Safety
  • Behavior Issues
  • Child Development
  • Playtime and Safety
  • Emotional Health and Positive Discipline
  • Nutrition and Meal Preparation
  • Potty Training and General Health Care Needs
  • Interviews and Agreements

what does the motherhood center nanny school cost?

The Nanny School program costs $199 for a 12-hour curriculum (2 days) and includes a test and a certificate of completion. Lunch, snacks and refreshments for both days are provided.

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