Little Yogi & Me

Crawlers, toddlers, and walkers up to 2yrs

Our Little Yogi & Me yoga classes are specifically designed to meet the needs of mothers and caregivers wishing to practice yoga while sharing a safe space with their crawlers, toddlers, and walkers up to the age of two.

Mothers will reap the benefits of gentle yoga postures: we will focus on movements that open and warm the chest and shoulders, activate through the core and hips, stretch and strengthen the front and back body, develop balance, and engage with the practice of balance.

Cueing of postures will be creative and inspired by nature to fire up the imagination of little ones, and capture their interest in the practice. Class will wrap up with songs and simple exercises designed to nurture the caregiver and child bond and end with a final relaxation.

Fathers and other caregivers are welcome!

Our classes are walk-in so you can enjoy a class when you are ready. Registration is not required