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welcome to our in-home professional staffing page.

I’m Gabriela Gerhart, an accomplished entrepreneur and business owner with the desire to help others and make in-home staffing work for you!
Over the years, I have interviewed and reviewed thousands of candidates for various positions in my clients’ homes.
Unlike office staffing, tailored interviewing for the in-home component is critical when finding the right fit when vetting candidates.

I have always told my clients and friends, “when help is not helping, it does not help anymore.”

I firmly believe that it takes time and attention to detail to individual needs to find the right match for my clients and our candidates. There are so many aspects to the search and vetting process, and with roles related to in-home, it requires extra care.

Since starting Motherhood Center in 2003, I’ve had the privilege to work with a multitude of clients from diverse backgrounds, nationalities, and professions- from oil and gas executives, entrepreneurs, doctors, politicians to professional athletes. In the end, when hiring the right candidate for your home you must ensure you are being upfront and honest with your personal needs, and having another party to help to ask and address questions related to those needs can be extremely helpful when trying to navigate the hiring process.

We are your go-to for in-home care staffing service.

House Manager

The position of a house manager is new to the market and is evolving. The position orchestrates the responsibilities of household duties as well as the needs of the family itself. The duties can vary from family to family but can be defined into three categories: 1) A house manager with a focus on childcare who assists with household organization tasks. 2) A house manager with a focus on maintaining upkeep, maintenance, and organization of the home, and will likely not require childcare. 3) A house manager with a focus on the management of the household staff who will also coordinate the family’s activities, maintain their schedules, help plan vacations, maintain budgets, keep grocery shopping lists, and report to the homeowners any needed house maintenance while also coordinating the repairs. No childcare will be involved. Since each family has their own unique needs, it’s important to define what those needs are in order to find a qualified candidate to meet them.

Family Assistant

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The position of a family assistant is similar to a house manager but will not require management of household staff or a frequent focus on household maintenance. The family assistant is a fusion of multiple positions to cater to the family wherever help is needed to keep the household and the family’s lives functioning easily and efficiently. A large part of the family assistant’s job can involve childcare and household duties such as driving the children to activities, cooking for the family, running errands, light housekeeping, and upkeep of the family’s schedule and appointments. The family may also ask that their family assistant help with administrative tasks related to their personal or business lives. It is an all-encompassing position that requires the individual to be proactive and seek out ways to simplify the family’s life while adhering to the requests made of them.

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