Mommy and Me Class

Growing Together • 2-8 Months

6 weeks • $150

When you were expecting you learned about Childbirth, Breastfeeding and how to care for your little one. Now that you are a Mommy there is so much more to learn. Motherhood Center is here to educate and support you as you begin your journey as a Mom. This is an interactive class for you and baby to grow and learn not only from the instructor but from other moms in the class. Who knows, you might create a life long friendship.

This is a great class whether you are a first time mom or not.

Mommy &  Me for babies 2-8 months is a 6 week series that will include:

Good Sleep practices – how much sleep is needed for each age? Sleep schedules, sleep regression
Baby (and mommy) nutrition – How much milk should baby be getting? Introducing foods, baby food prep, mommy nutrition and meal planning
Play time – playing with baby at different stages of development to include music and the importance thereof, developmental milestones, tummy time
Self Care for the new Mom – finding your identity and balance, how to ask for help, navigating the new relationship with your spouse
Infant Safety – Car seats, sleep safety, baby proofing as they become mobile, swim safety
Infant Sign Language – ways to communicate and understand your baby

Growing Together • 8-12 Months

6 Weeks • $150

The curriculum is similar to the 2-8 months series. It will be tweaked for the age range. This series includes:

Good Sleep Practices
Developmental Play – building fine and gross motor skills as well as physical development, sensory play, art
Speech and Language Development
Feeding Baby – Baby led weaning, finger foods
Oral Health– How to brush teeth and when to start
At Home Safety – as they begin to walk and become mobile

Mommy and Me Group