virtual mom support group

Growing Together- Virtual Mommy Social and Learn (0-12 months old)

45 min. session • $30/session

Good Sleep practices – how much sleep is needed for each age? Sleep schedules, sleep regression
Baby (and mommy) nutrition – How much milk should baby be getting? Introducing foods, baby food prep, mommy nutrition and meal planning
Play time – playing with baby at different stages of development to include music and the importance thereof, developmental milestones, tummy time
Self Care for the new Mom – finding your identity and balance, how to ask for help, navigating the new relationship with your spouse
Infant Safety – Car seats, sleep safety, baby proofing as they become mobile, swim safety
Infant Sign Language – ways to communicate and understand your baby

Growing Together • 0-12 Months

6-week series • $90 total for the full series with 2 different options

Thursdays from 12:00 pm – 12:45 pm

Saturdays from 10:00 am – 10:45 am

When you were expecting you learned about childbirth, breastfeeding, and how to care for your little one. Now that you are a mother, there is so much more to learn! Motherhood Center is here to educate and support you as you begin your journey as a mom. This is an interactive class for you and the baby to grow and learn from both the instructor and other moms in the series. This is a great class whether you are a first-time mom or not!

Growing Together is a 6-week series for babies 0-12 months old. This is a live-streamed class and you will be interacting with the other moms and babies throughout the class. Who knows, you could create a lifelong friendship!

Class Schedule:
1) Baby talk (baby communication and sign language)
2) Good sleep practices
3) Stages of play
4) Feeding baby (how much milk during different months, food introduction and baby-led weaning)
5) New mom life (self-care, nutrition, how to adapt to your new role)
6) Baby on the move (Includes infant safety as they get mobile, refreshers on car seat safety, and going out with baby)

Mommy and Me Class