It is an amazing month here at the Motherhood Center – we are celebrating 20 years of serving Houston’s moms and moms-to-be. The last few months have been hard on everyone, which makes this celebration even more sweet. We want to invite you to join us as we honor two outstanding decades of supporting women through the most important transition of their life – motherhood.

To celebrate, we have an amazing promotion running for you all through the month of December.

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Gabby 2020

20 Years in the Making – A Letter from Our Founder

The story of our Motherhood Center is one that I hold very close to my heart as its roots stemmed from a need that I recognized while working with families when I first moved to the United States from my hometown in the Czech Republic. Upon moving, I worked as a Postpartum Doula (Baby Nurse). I was given the opportunity to meet so many amazing families and was able to learn about their different family lifestyles and dynamics through my hands-on experience…


We’re Collecting Your Stories!

We want to see how far our Motherhood Center babies have gone. We would love for you to share stories and photos of your loved ones that were impacted by the Motherhood Center. The form is quick and easy to fill out and would mean the world to us.