The Motherhood Center and its convenient retail boutique is the best one-stop-shop for a ‘Royal Family’ as you will see from our premium selection of goodies, fit for a (baby) King!  And what does a royal baby need, you ask? 










Bamboo Swaddles

Aden & Anais Azure Bamboo Swaddle would be perfect for a royal baby to stay swaddled. Luxuriously soft bamboo is the ideal fabric to use on delicate baby skin.

bamboo swaddles at Motherhood Center








Itzy Ritzy Infant Carrier Peek-a-Boo Pod

To avoid those annoying Paparazzi the Peek-A-Boo pod would be perfect for when Kate and Baby are ready to hit the streets.

peekaboo pod - Motherhood Center





Rock-a-Bye Baby The Beatles

The Royal Baby will fall asleep to the lullaby rendition of UK’s one and only, The Beatles.

Rockabye Baby The Beatles - Motherhood Center





Sophie the Giraffe

Oh la la! Sophie the French giraffe is perfect for adding international flair to your baby’s teether. Every baby needs a Sophie, even a future King.

sophie the giraffe - Motherhood Center





Sterling Silver Rattle

A Sterling Silver Rattle is just what the Royal Baby needs. This heirloom item can be engraved with his monogram and passed on through generations.

Sterling Silver Baby Rattle - Motherhood Center





And if Mum and Dad have royal obligations to their kingdom arise, they can easily step away with confidence knowing that one of our Doulas, Nannies, or Babysitters can take over care of their most precious future king!

Newborn Care Specialists

Our highly knowledgeable and trained Newborn Care Specialists, also known as Baby Nurse Doulas, will help ease Mum and Dad into becoming new parents. A baby nurse doula provides the reassurance of having someone around to help answer the many questions that face new parents. Our unbiased baby nurse doulas are available for daytime or nighttime support and serve as a personal in-home educator to help reduce any anxiety about some of the unforeseen obstacles that accompany the addition to any new family.