Prepared Childbirth is an educational approach to labor and delivery in which the parents are specially prepared for the event. Women and their partners are encouraged to draw upon their own innate strengths and intuition in order to allow birth to reach its transforming potential. Prepared Childbirth classes emphasize the uniqueness of each woman's life experience and how it impacts her labor and birthing process. Through self awareness and information on what to expect Prepared Childbirth will help parents prepare for arrival of their baby. The instructors advocate a family-centered maternity care program with topics to include anatomy & physiology of pregnancy, nutrition, exercise, perineal massage, relaxation massage, relaxation techniques, developing a birth plan and discussing it with the care provider, a detailed explanation of the process of labor/birth and coping strategies for labor such as positions, massage counter pressure, and vocalization. Instructors: Rene Bryan, RN, BSN OR Sandra Arceneaux, LVN, LCCE Select Saturdays Group class: $240 per couple Private class: $500 per couple