Lactation Consultant, Breast Pump Rentals,
& Breastfeeding Support

Access to Full Range of Support

Breastfeeding is a natural process and has many benefits for both mom and baby, but it does not always come as naturally as it would seem.  The Motherhood Center offers full breastfeeding support for families in and around Houston. This includes classes, lactation consultations, breast pump rentals and nursing supplies, such as bras, tanks and covers.

Learn the Basics: Take a Breastfeeding Class

Learn the basics on having a successful breastfeeding experience by attending a breastfeeding class taught by a certified lactation consultant. The class covers topics such as proper latch, breastfeeding positions, how to tell if baby is getting enough to eat, dealing with common nursing difficulties and how to use a breast pump. Breastfeeding can sometimes be challenging and more involved than most moms would expect. Spouses or partners are encouraged to attend this class as well to offer as much support as possible once the baby arrives. Breastfeeding Classes are offered twice a month – register here.

Lactation Consultants Offer Personalized Help

Sometimes moms need or want more personalized help. Lactation consultants can work wonders with helping moms address breastfeeding issues or simply give them additional support for a strong start. Ask for help early to ensure the best chance for success. Motherhood Center’s Breastfeeding Consultant can meet with families at the hospital, at home or at the Center and is also available by phone. The consultant can check positioning and latch techniques as well as go over any specific questions, such as how to treat sore nipples and foods and drinks to avoid while nursing. Call 713-963-8880 to schedule a lactation consultation.

Rent a Breast Pump

Once breastfeeding is established, many moms turn to pumping to allow others to also feed the baby. Successful pumping is crucial to moms who plan to return to work. While there are many pump options available, Motherhood Center believes a hospital-grade double pump is most efficient. The Motherhood Center has the Medela Symphony Breast pump available for rent, which offers 2-phase expression pumping, allowing for a shorter pump time through faster let-down and milk flow, available for rent.  If you are interested in renting a pump, please contact our Guest Services at 713-963-8880.

See if Baby is Gaining Enough Weight with our Baby Weigh Scale

Infants grow rapidly in the first several months of life. Bottles make it easy to determine how much food a baby has consumed at a feeding, but breastfeeding does not come with a feeding gauge! This can make some moms nervous. The Motherhood Center has a BabyWeigh Scale available for moms to measure their baby’s weight just before and after a feeding to determine breast milk intake. Scales are available for rent, or just stop by the Center to do a quick measurement.

Nursing Bras and Retail Items

Quality breastfeeding accessories are just as important to the nursing experience. Each item in the retail area is carefully selected by Motherhood Center’s baby experts to ensure families are getting the very best. The retail store offers nursing bras and tank tops (bra fittings are available by appointment), nursing covers, nipple cream and more.

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